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Country Solar is one of Australia’s leading solar providers for businesses and households.

We’re an experienced, nationwide solar installation company, with a high level of expertise in energy generation and quality products. We help people make the best possible decisions so that they can take control of their energy generation and reduce their power costs. 

We’re driven by what solar can offer Australia – a fossil fuel free future. A clean future for generations of Australians.  

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10 Oct102,000 homes without power in Victoria

Just two weeks after storms tore down transmission lines leaving the whole of South Australia without power, strong winds have wreaked havoc in Victoria blowing trees onto power lines and leaving hundreds of thousands people without electricity.

Storms, floods, bushfires and cyclones are very traumatic e


01 AugWill electric cars overtake petrol cars in 5 years time in Australia?

Richard Branson suspects all cars will be electric in 15 years.