Solar Manufacturers: JA Solar - FAQ 

Who is JA Solar ? 

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. is a world-leading Tier One manufacturer of high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation. The company is committed to develop and provide the world with clean and renewable energy to ease the energy shortages as well as human kind’s impact on the environment.

JA Solar was founded on May 18, 2005, and was publicly listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: JASO) on February 7, 2007. By 2010, JA Solar had firmly established itself as the world's leader in solar cell production and shipments. According to the annual industry report published by Solar Buzz in March 2012, JA Solar ranked first in China and second globally in terms of cell production in 2011.

I know JA is a 'Tier One' manufacturer but are they here for the long term?

Many people throughout the industry and customers are concerned for the future as their are many struggling U.S., European, and Asian manufacturers. This is a concern as customers want to know that a manufacturer will be around to ensure that you still have warranty and that it is supported by the company.

With GTM Research estimating global PV supply to be in excess of demand by an average of 35 gigawatts per year over the next three years, 180 existing module manufacturers will either expire or acquiesce to acquisition by 2015. The largest number (88) of casualties will exit high-cost manufacturing markets in the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

During this year GTM Research published a Global PV Module Manufacturing 2013: Competitive Positioning, Consolidation and the China Factor, a report analysing more than 300 module manufacturers, their global facilities, business models, financial health and chance of acquisition or expiry. The report also examines the market conditions and competitive metrics that will affect the trajectory of these firms over the next three years, including global demand, manufacturing costs, the influence of Chinese lenders, and the innovative upstream and downstream strategies that will buoy business lines. The reports were quite intense however they are able to accurately ensure that who will be in the Top Five companies by 2015.

As you can see JA Solar is still standing strong due to their unique and strong business structure. They are also the world industry leaders in developing and manufacturing techniques that continue to drive the industry to new heights.

A complete 100% EL double inspection, what does this mean?

To further optimise their quality control JA Solar has invested in the purchase of high tech Electroluminescence (EL) machines.This is a test machine with pioneering technology that isolates and displays imperfections and faults that cannot been seen with the naked eye. This technology is another reason why JA Solar can again stand out from other manufacturers.

The EL test machine works like a sort of X-ray scanner that immediately exposes every possible hidden defect in the solar panel. Mismatch of cells, pseudo-soldering, micro-cracks and faults of all types are visually displayed without mercy during the test. This way you get a crystal clear picture of the good operation of the solar panel.

Because JA Solar scan every module twice throughout the manufacturing process they can be assured that every module is of the highest quality, free from defects and withstand the test of time.

JA modules are PID free, what does this mean?

JA has announced that JA Solar modules have passed the potential-induced degradation (PID) tests performed at TUV Rheinland's and PV Evolution Lab's laboratories (PVEL America). PID has become a major concern in the solar industry as it can significantly reduce the power output of a PV system. Inherent differences in voltage between the solar cells as well as environmental conditions such as increased humidity and higher temperatures can lead to degradation over the life cycle of the module, reducing the yield of a PV system. These conditions are very specific for our area's as the humidity and temperature are quite high.

During the tests performed by TUV Rheinland and PV Evolution Labs, a negative voltage of 1,000 Volts is applied to the modules at an ambient room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) and humidity over a period of 7 days (168 hours). The module front is covered with aluminium foil or a constant water film to minimize the resistivity with the grounded frame. According to both laboratories, if a module's performance declines by less than five percent under test conditions it is deemed to have passed the test. JA Solar's modules, with performance declines of less than one percent under test conditions, passed these tests by a wide margin.

Are JA modules suited to our climate and conditions?

As you can see above JA Solar go to extreme lengths to ensure that the products are of the highest calibre and free from any foreseen defects, but it does not stop there. JA Solar ensures that all the panels that come into Australia are certified against 'Salt Corrosion' and 'Ammonia Corrosion' for our harsh environment.

Certified against Salt Corrosion
This issue is obviously particularly important for modules that are to be installed in coastal areas. Nevertheless, air can contain salt even further inland. The remains it leaves behind on the modules can cause corrosive damages after it rains again. The TU?V Rheinland test has confirmed that this is not the case with JA Solar modules.

Certified against Ammonia Corrosion
Ammonia exposure can reach high levels in agriculture areas, such as livestock and farming areas. This high level of ammonia can be critically dangerous to the long term life of solar installations. JA Solar modules are tested through TU?V Rheinlandand are certified against ammonia corrosion.

No matter where you are throughout Australia you can rest assured that JA Solar has created a panel that exceeds all of our unique conditions. It also ensures that their testing standards are the highest in our industry.


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