SolarEdge Technology

SolarEdge provides distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. The company’s technology maximizes power generation for residential, commercial and large-scale PV systems. The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly reliable PV inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection.

Up to 25% more energy

Increased energy yield & faster return on investment
through module-level MPPT

  • No module power mismatch loss
  • No partial shading loss
  • No soiling mismatch loss
  • No aging mismatch loss


Cost efficient maintenance 

Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting 

  • Module-level performance data
  • Presentation of complete system on virtual site map
  • Automatic alerts on system issues
  • Easy access via web browser from computer or smartphone


Constraint free design 

Maximum space utilization with minimum design time 

  • Modules on different orientation and tilts in the same string
  • Different module types in a single string
  • Strings of different lengths connected to same inverter
  • Longer strings – up to 50 modules per string

SafeDCTM - DC safety 

Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting & other emergencies 

  • Installation: safe string voltage - until inverter & AC supply are turned on
  • Maintenance: safe string voltage - automatic once inverter is turned off
  • Emergency: safe string voltage – automatic after grid disconnection



Making PV Panels Smarter

1. Power Optimiser

  • Power harvesting per individual panel
  • Operates in extreme environmental conditions
  • 25-year warranty


2. Inverter

  • Very high efficiency (97.6%)
  • Superior reliability
  • Internet communication
  • 25-year warranty


3. Monitoring

  • Easty to navigate monitoring portal
  • Display of data for each panel
  • 25 years of free monitoring service






SolarEdge Technology




  • Output of all panels is affected by the weakest panel
  • Substantial energy losses due to
    unevenly dirty and shaded panels
  • Each panel generates the maximum
    possible energy

Peace of Mind

  • Limited warranty - between 5 to 10 years
  • Limited monitoring with no information
    on problematic panels
  • 25-year warranty for power optimisers; 25-year standard warranty for inverters
  • The monitoring portal displays performance of each panel allowing remote troubleshooting for fast and accurate resolution
  • Panel-level monitoring free for 25 years


  • Panels produce very high voltage (up to 1000V) even after the inverter or the electricity is shut down
  • Automatic shutdown of panel DC current and voltage during installation, maintenance, and in case of emergency

Cost Effectiveness

  • Many design constraints that limit
    system size
  • Higher cost of wires, fuses and other electrical components
  • Monitoring at the system level
    complicates maintenance
  • Design flexibility allows maximum roof utilization and more panels per system

          - Panels in partially shaded areas

          - Panels installed at different azimuths
            & tilts


01 NovFive good reasons to add Solar + Battery Storage to your home

1. Security – insure yourself against predicted electricity price rises by generating and using your own electricity.  Electricity prices have been increasing well above CPI for several years and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.