102,000 homes without power in Victoria

Posted 10 October 2016 by Country Solar, in General

Just two weeks after storms tore down transmission lines leaving the whole of South Australia without power, strong winds have wreaked havoc in Victoria blowing trees onto power lines and leaving hundreds of thousands people without electricity.

Storms, floods, bushfires and cyclones are very traumatic events. Having electricity is essential to access up to date information and for communication with emergency services.

Solar + battery storage gives electricity when the grid goes down.

Stored electricity in the battery is used during the night and solar electricity is generated during the day, to run the house and top the battery up. A correctly designed solution can maintain power without the grid for long periods of days, weeks and even months.

Solar + battery storage reduces a homes electricity bills but can make all the difference to your safety in times of extreme weather events.

Country Solar supply and install two of the leading energy storage systems and we install in your area.

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