2016: The year of Solar Battery Storage!

Posted 15 February 2016 by Country Solar, in General

2016 looks set to be the year of solar battery storage, if national installer Country Solar has anything to do with it. 

They’re delighted to be offering the new solar battery storage systems to customers, recognising it as a power generation game changer. Highlighted by ABC’s Catalyst program and other media recently, the battery storage systems appear to be well suited to our conditions with Australia to be the first mass market for the technology; thanks to soaring network costs, excellent sun and the high penetration of rooftop solar.

As Australia's first installer of the innovative Samsung Energy Storage System [ESS], Country Solar has found rigorous testing on homes and businesses over the past few months, has proved that the benefits for customers are massive. The new technology will offer considerable choice, increasing price-competitiveness and the power to be as independent of the power grid as desired.

Country Solar Director Steve Madson said customers are basically setting up their own power stations and taking a significant step away from Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels.

“Tesla has done a tremendous job of promoting the technology, ensuring that the benefits of battery storage and its potential to change our approach to energy generation and delivery are more widely recognised. We’ll be offering several different systems in addition to the Samsung ESS, as they become available including, the Tesla Powerwall and SolarEdge’s StoreEdge,” he said.

‘We have been flooded with enquiries from people wanting to reap the benefits. The systems cost from $10,000 and have a battery life of around 15 years so households get electricity at a cost of about 15c per kilowatt hour, 24-hours a day – that’s 40% cheaper than Grid power in Queensland for example’, said Steve.

Energy Storage System [ESS] technology stores excess solar energy produced in the daytime, to use later. In the past, any excess electricity generated by a PV Solar system was fed back into the power Grid with no option to use it. ESS enables customers to be self-sufficient and disconnect from the Grid, if they wish to.

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