Competition’s coming in to the expensive rural electricity market…. It’s YOU!!

Posted 10 March 2016 by Country Solar, in General

‘I was fed up paying huge power bills to my local energy utility Ergon and feeling like I had no choice’ – is how Townsville Train Driver Damien Martin sums up his decision to purchase a Solar battery system recently.

Country Solar installed the Samsung Energy Storage System [ESS], after Damien took up a recent offer to Queensland households that included 6.55kW of Solar panels, with a 10.8 kWh ESS all-in-one battery unit. The system enables customers to be totally self-sufficient and disconnect from the Grid, if they wish to.

‘I wanted to be independent and not paying them any more money than I have too’, he said. 

‘The battery storage unit will make me more mindful of how I’m using my power and I’ll make sure that I am being more energy efficient.’ 

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