JA Solar making it happen in North America

Posted 5 November 2014 by Allison, in General

AllEarth Renewables and Claire Solar Partners have completed construction of a 2.2MW solar tracker farm in South Burlington, Vt.  The project is the largest in North America to utilise distributed inverters and dual-axis trackers to maximize production.

JA Solar provided multi-crystalline 260 watt PID resistant modules for the project, which outperform competitors modules by 5-10 watts in terms of power rating.

JA Solar’s PV module, well-known for its high reliability, high conversion efficiency and high power output, outperforms the industry average by 5-30 watts in terms of power rating.

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JA Solar supply the panels we use for domestic and commercial solar installations here at Country Solar. They are a ‘tier one’ international company, who build quality modules. JA Solar also have the world’s best testing and quality control.