LIMITED OFFER: 10 Discounted Battery Storage Systems!

Posted 16 February 2016 by Country Solar, in General

Produce your own power -- Ten heavily discounted solar battery systems are on offer to Queensland households willing to share their experience with Australia.

Country Solar are selling a completely installed Samsung Energy Storage System [ESS] for below cost price, to ten households that are happy to track and share their solar battery storage journey.

Director Steve Madson said the offer includes panels with the all-in-one units and is great value at $5,000 less than current pricing, so $19,900 including GST. It represents a perfect opportunity for households to join Australia’s renewable energy quest at a much lower cost.

The Samsung Energy Storage System [ESS] battery technology stores excess solar energy produced during the daytime, to use later. In the past, any excess electricity generated by a PV Solar system was fed back into the power Grid with no option to use it. ESS enables customers to be self-sufficient and disconnect from the Grid, if they wish to.

Country Solar has already undertaken rigorous testing on seven Samsung ESS units installed on homes and businesses in North QLD over the past few months and the benefits to those customers were massive.

Steve Madson said that the units worked perfectly, even on cloudy days, proving themselves as a genuine alternative to fossil fuel.

“We now want to gather insights into other households ‘solar storage’ journeys so they can be shared with potential customers around Australia.

“In return for the discount, we will collect material for a few short blogs on why battery storage appealed to them, how the technology worked after installation, what their expectations   were and whether they have been met, in addition to a photo or two at installation.

 “These stories could have an enormous impact on other households throughout the country, empowering them to confidently embrace renewable energy and take a significant step away   from their reliance on grid power. Our customers are basically setting up their own power stations.

“These battery systems have a battery life of up to 15 years and households will get electricity at a cost of about 15c per kilowatt hour, 24-hours a day – that’s 40% cheaper than Grid power in Queensland for example’, said Steve.


The Offer Includes

  • 23 x 285W high efficiency JA Solar panels (6.55kW)
  • 10.8 kWh Samsung ESS
  • Full online monitoring including Country Solar’s Back-to-Base service.
  • A free energy audit and advice on how to best use energy.


If you\'re interested in finding out more about the offer and taking a first step towards energy independence, give Country Solar a call on 07 4772 0221