Samsung ESS Solar Battery saves me $80,000

Posted 22 February 2016 by Country Solar, in General

Off-grid and very happy is how Ross Domin describes himself these days after Country Solar installed a solar battery system at his Queensland property. 

“I was faced with spending $100,000 to connect this new home to the Grid, so I was really pleased to discover that a $20,000 solar battery system could deliver all the power we needed for the house. No more Grid - no more bills!”

“Country Solar installed 4.5kW of solar panels and a 7.2kWh Samsung ESS battery and we won’t need any additional power sources.”  

‘I’ve built a really energy efficient home. It uses the environment really well and I’ve installed LED lighting and a gas cooktop”  

“I was just stunned to find out that although the property was only about one kilometre from the existing grid infrastructure, that it would cost so much to connect to it. 

“There was no way I were going to pay such a ridiculous cost, as well as receive power bills, once I realised there was a viable option.”  

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