Going Off Grid

Off grid solar is not what it used to be………

It is now possible to live off grid and have the same lifestyle as if you where connected to the electricity network. Air-conditioning, power tools, welders, clothes dryers, toasters, kettles the works can all run off our off-grid systems.

Country Solar design our off-grid solutions to ensure our customers have

  • Reliable electricity
  • Full flexibility for future expansion – you will have an electric car within 10 years
  • Smart programming capability
  • Safety

We use Victron energy for our inverter and control equipment, Victron are a German company that have been manufacturing off grid equipment since 1975 and have a very strong focus on R&D. If you know someone with a yacht or caravan they will know about and recommend Victron.

Our Batteries are BYD Lithium ion, BYD is a fortune 500 company and one of the largest producers on lithium batteries in the world. Each battery cell is controlled by its own BMS (battery management system) which is a huge innovation in off grid. What this means is that the battery cells are all independent and operate to their own full capacity, a new battery call can work with an older one. This gives full flexibility for expansion as well as peace of mind because if one battery cell fails after 5 years it is simply taken out and replaced with the new one.

** currently the battery cells are 2.5kWh each and battery technology is moving very quickly, if a cell was to fail you will not be able to buy a 2.5kWh replacement in 5 years as they will probably be 4kWh by then. This is why having the BMS on each battery cell is extremely important**

Our solar modules are tier one Canadian Solar split cell Mono-crystalline, Canadian solar have an Australian office in Melbourne with a full support and project team so their warranty and aftersales service is second to none. Split cell Mono modules are the best technology available at the moment.

We supply a high quality back up diesel generator, this is to ensure energy security for times when the sun hasn’t been out for a few days or the family comes to visit and you need a little extra power than you normally use. The back up generator is programmed around your requirements, for example it can be set to have quite times and not run whilst you are sleeping.

Country Solar have ben providing solar since 2009 all over Australia, we understand that environmental characteristics and electricity consumption hazards are very different to where you live and experience is everything. An off grid system in Victoria where electricity consumption is higher in winter with the cold weather and short days is completely different to the NT where summer usage is at the highest with air conditioning.

We have installed many off grid systems just like the one described above, we are always happy to give references and our happy customers are happy to give them. Don’t take our word for it……….. ask the people living it!!!!