Off Grid FAQs

Will I be restricted on what appliances I can use?

No, we design a system to your needs and usage requirements. You are not restricted in your usage, just like you aren’t in a grid connect house.

What happens in bad weather?

Solar still produces in inclement weather and generally enough to still cover your base load i.e. fridge, lights etc. When we have several days of bad weather, we have a diesel generator with an auto start function which we program to suit your usage all year round. This allows the batteries to be topped up automatically as required. We can even start your generator remotely.

What are the warranties?

The solar modules are 25 years, the batteries 10 years, the inverter and control equipment is 5 years. Batteries and solar modules do de-rate over time which is a consideration in our design and appliances keep improving in energy rating to off set this.

What happens if something breaks, am I stuck without power?

No, you always have the back up generator.

Is the power I get from the system good enough for my electronics?

Better!!! By a long way…. The power from the inverter is a constant 230v volts which is what most appliances in the world are now built for. The grid can fluctuate between 225v-255V which can shorten the life of your appliances.

Can I expand in the future?

Yes, our systems are fully scalable unlike off-grid of old. You can add solar, wind, battery, hydro or whatever you like. The best feature is the battery expandability that is new to our industry. Every battery has its own battery management system so unlike traditional battery technology where if one cell fell it took them all down, now every battery is controlled separately. You can add new batteries to a system that is five years old and the new batteries will work to their full capacity.

Can I pay the system off?

Currently we can assist with finance through a lease or chattel mortgage for ABN holders for any term up to 7 years. If you don’t have an ABN then talk to us about it and we can share knowledge on how other customers have gone about it and what is suitable for you.

How will I know if there is something wrong or not working properly?

Our systems have a fantastic monitoring capabilities showing all components, but even better than that, they allow you (and us) to monitor your system remotely if required.

What is it going to cost to upgrade by batteries at the end of their life?

This is speculative, although experience tells us that technology will get cheaper, smaller and more powerful. If you consider the flash drive for your data that was released in 2000 and was 128MB and cost $50, 18 years later 8GB is around $30. Battery technology is the main technology advancement and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. In the not too distant future your car will link in with your house and it will charge from renewable off grid power.