Different products suit different purposes

We off a wide range of brands that are hand picked for the outcome we want to achieve. We use only Tier 1 solar modules from the 6 largest solar module manufacturers in the world that all have Australian offices and support. 25 years is a long warranty and we want to make sure that your manufacturers warranty is a secure one.

Our product range consists of

Solar for your home - We have options on solar modules and inverters though generally we recommend a cheaper brand of inverter for grid connect with solar because we are thinking about the future. We expect electric cars and battery technology to be a normal part of our lives within 5 years (warranty period of inverter) which means more solar to charge your car. Hybrid inverters with car charging and technology to link your car and home to solar and battery will come out and you will want to change your inverter...... so why splash out on an expensive one now??

Solar/Battery Hybrid - This is an important piece of information, hybrid inverters or battery ready inverters are just just the same as a hybrid car... half a job. They are designed to have a relatively small amount of battery with some circuits connected to a back up mode for when you have a back out - our Samsung ESS excluded that is a cool hybrid!! As batteries improve and prices come down you will want more functions than a hybrid inverter has. We still install hybrid systems but generally for low electrical use customers only.

Solar/Battery Full - Here we install Victron off grid inverters and BYD batteries, this system can be scaled up over time and is fully flexible. The inverter has two AC inputs so it can still be connected to the grid and also have a back up generator. The functionality is amazing, more information on the Off-Grid page.

Solar for businesses - This works better than at must houses because people are not generally home during the day they are at work. We will review the businesses electricity usage and design a system to suit, we have many finance options for businesses that are nearly always heavily positively geared and there are some tax incentives also.