Getting started

There are now many options with solar and it can be a little confusing so let us break it down for you.

Solar works best when it is off-setting electricity you are currently buying from the grid, instead of buying it at a price upwards of 27c you get it free from your roof. To make this work energy need to be used in the middle of the day and be on the same tariff as the solar.

If you use electricity during the day then grid connect solar works for you, you are a daytime electricity user if your home during the day generally, use the AC during the day, have a pool, run a home business,have a room full of fish tanks or mine bitcoin cash.

If you are like most people and are at work during the day and the house really only has a fridge running then the solar you put on will be exported to the grid for 10c per kWh. This means you would need to make 3 x the electricity you use to significantly reduce your bill...... there is still hope for you. In this situation we recommend first looking at your energy efficiency, swap out any halogen lights for LEDs and any old air-cons for inverter split systems then look at solar with battery. Done right you can get a renovation loan to cover this and the savings in electricity will pay off your loan for reno!!!!!

If you have any questions about solar for a business or a rural property it is best to call because general information might lead you down the wrong path.